Chem-tech Biosafety Cabinets Praised at Leading Hospitals

Author :company News

publish time : 2023-7-10

origin :Chem-tech

Great News !  6 pieces of BCT.90 Biological Safety   Cabinets and 3 pieces of BCT- 180 Biological Safety Cabinets from chem-tech have been successfully installed in the laboratory of a leading international hospital. We are proud to share that these state-of-the-art Biosafety Cabinets have received high praise and recognition from the experts in the hospital’s laboratory department.

Our BCT.90 and BCT- 180 Biosafety Cabinets can provide a secure and controlled environment for conducting sensitive experiments and handling hazardous materials. With advanced features and cutting-edge technology, these Biological Safety Cabinets ensure the safety of researchers, samples and the environment. We are honored to be part of the hospital’s commitment to excellence in research and patient care. Thank you to the hospital’s laboratory experts for their trust and recognition. We look forward to further collaborations and contributing to groundbreaking discoveries in the field of healthcare