Instrument breaks down?
laminar Air flow , autoclaves, sterilizers, and other equipment are expensive investments and in order to keep them functioning properly, you need to maintain them very well. Small errors could lead to catastrophic results in your lab. Therefore, we offer maintenance and repair services. Our team of technicians can help you with maintaining your equipment to make sure it works according to all the requirements of lab.
If your equipment does not function as it should, we can repair it for you as well. Both maintenance and repair can be done onsite or in our own workshop, depending on the nature of the activity. Our technicians will also answer your emails or assist you with a phone or video call. We will find out what the best suitable option for your specific situation is and consult this with you
Let our professional technicians to inspect and provide you with proper assessment, and advice you with available repair options

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For product within warranty period, we provide maintenance for free
For product out of warranty period, we can provide free off-site assessment. The onsite assessment will be charged according to the distance and the nature of work.
as our clients you can sign maintenance contracts lasting up to ten years

Our technicians are qualified as it is important for us that both our customers and technicians (can) work in a safe and healthy enviroment.

Service Coordinator :
Email:  info@chemtech-eg.com
Whatsapp: 01284034614